Date Location Name Deaths Description
00061-01-0161 Anglesey, Britannia Menai Massacre 0,000,001unknown Gaius Suetonius Paulinus ordered the Roman army to destroy the Celtic Druid stronghold on Anglesey in Britain, sacking Druidic colleges and sacred groves. The massacre helped impose Roman religion on Britain and sent Druidism into a decline from which it never recovered.[3][4]
00390-01-01390 Thessaloniki, Macedonia Massacre of Thessaloniki 0,007,0007,000 Emperor Theodosius I of Rome ordered the executions after the citizens of Thessaloniki murdered a top-level military commander during a violent protest against the arrest of a popular charioteer.[5][6]
00782-01-01782 Verden, Lower Saxony, Germany Massacre of Verden 0,004,5004,500 Charlemagne ordered the massacre of 4,500 imprisoned rebel pagan Saxons in response to losing two envoys, four counts, and twenty nobles in battle with the Saxons during his campaign to conquer and Christianize the Saxons during the Saxon Wars.[7]
01002-11-13November 13, 1002 various cities, England St. Brice's Day massacre 0,000,001unknown King Ethelred II of England ordered all Danes living in England killed. The Danes were accused of aiding Viking raiders. The King of Denmark, Swein Forkbeard, invaded England and deposed King Ethelred.[8][9][10]
01066-12-30December 30, 1066 Granada, Al-Andalus Granada massacre 0,004,0004,000 Apparently angered by a rumour that Jewish vizier Joseph ibn Naghrela intended to assassinate the king and take the throne for himself, a Muslim mob killed him and hung his body on a cross. The mob went on to kill the Jewish population of the city.[11][12][13][14]
01182-05-01May 1182 Constantinople, Byzantine Empire Massacre of the Latins[15] 0,060,00060,000–80,000 Wholesale massacre of all Latin (Western European) inhabitants of Constantinople by a mob.
01209-01-011209 France Massacre at Béziers 0,060,00015,000+ First major military action of the Albigensian Crusade
01325-01-011325 Crow Creek Site, Great Plains, North America Crow Creek massacre[16][17] 0,000,500500[18] Native Americans indigenous to the area that is now South Dakota killed Central Plains villagers.[18][19]
01520-11-08November 8, 1520 Stockholm, Sweden Stockholm Massacre
(Stockholm Bloodbath)
0,000,08080–90[20] Days after his coronation in Stockholm, King Christian II of Denmark – trying to maintain the personal union between Sweden, Norway and Denmark, and thus keep up his claims to the Swedish throne – liquidated nobles and bishops who earlier had opposed him, or who might stir up fresh opposition.[21][22][23]
01570-01-011570 Cyprus Cyprus massacre 0,030,00030,000–50,000[24][25][26][27] Ottoman forces capturing Cyprus killed mostly Greek and Armenian Christian inhabitants.
01572-08-23August 23, 1572 Paris, France St. Bartholomew's Day massacre[28][29] 0,070,0005,000 - 70,000[30] A wave of Catholic mob violence against the Huguenots.[30][31][32]
01580-10-10October 10, 1580 Kerry, Ireland Smerwick (Dun an Oir) massacre 0,000,600c600 English troops commanded by Grey de Wilton massacre Papal invasion forces at Dun an Oir in West Kerry[33]
01615-01-011615 Westfjords, Iceland Spanish Killings 0,000,03131 Spanish whalers went on a whaling expedition to Iceland and were killed after conflict with the people of Iceland.
01622-03-22March 22, 1622 Jamestown, Virginia Jamestown Massacre[34][35] 0,000,347347 The Powhatans killed 347 settlers, almost one-third of the English population of the Virginia colony.
01637-05-26May 26, 1637 Mystic, Connecticut Mystic Massacre[36] 0,000,400400-700 English settlers under Captain John Mason and Narragansett and Mohegan allies set fire to a fortified Pequot village near the Mystic River.
01644-05-28May 28, 1644 Bolton, England Bolton Massacre 0,000,200200–1,600 Royalist forces killed many of the town's defenders and citizens.[37][38][39]
01645-01-011645 Yangzhou, China Yangzhou massacre 0,800,000Up to 800,000 Qing troops killed residents of Yangzhou as punishment for resistance[40][41]
01692-02-13February 13, 1692 Scotland Massacre of Glencoe[42] 0,000,03838[43] Government soldiers, mainly from Clan Campbell, killed members of the Clan MacDonald of Glencoe.[43]
01768-05-10May 10, 1768 Southwark in South London, England Massacre of St George's Fields 0,000,007 7 British troops fired at a mob that was protesting at the imprisonment of John Wilkes, whose crime was criticizing King George III.
01770-03-05March 5, 1770 Boston, Province of Massachusetts Bay Boston Massacre 0,000,0055[44] British troops fired at a mob of colonists. This helped spark the American Revolution even though an all-colonist jury found the soldiers innocent.[45][46]
01771-07-17July 17, 1771 Kugluktuk, Nunavut Bloody Falls Massacre 0,000,02020[47] Chipewyan warriors attacked an Inuit camp, killing men, women and children.[48][49][50]
01778-09-28September 28, 1778 River Vale, New Jersey Baylor Massacre 0,000,01515[51] British infantry troops attacked sleeping Continental Light Dragoons using bayonets.[51]
01780-05-29May 29, 1780 Lancaster, South Carolina Waxhaw Massacre 0,000,113113[52] Loyalist troops under the command of British Colonel Banastre Tarleton slashed and bayoneted fallen American troops during the late stages of the Battle of Waxhaws. Conflicting contemporary accounts claim violation of an American white flag by one or the other of the sides involved.[53]
01781-02-24February 24, 1781 Alamance County, North Carolina Pyle's Massacre 0,000,09393 Patriot militia leader Colonel Henry Lee deceived Loyalist militia under Dr. John Pyle into thinking he was British commander Banastre Tarleton sent to meet them. Lee's men then opened fire, surprising and scattering Pyle's force.
01782-03-08March 8, 1782 Gnadenhutten, Ohio Gnadenhutten massacre[54]

(Moravian massacre)

0,000,09696 Pennsylvania militia men attacked a Moravian mission and killed 96 peaceful Christian American Indians there in retaliation for unrelated deaths of several white Pennsylvanians.[54][55]
01792-01-011792 France September Massacres[56][57] 0,001,440~1440 Popular courts in the French Revolution sentenced prisoners to death, including around 240 priests.[58]
01794-01-011794 Warsaw, Poland Massacre of Praga 0,020,00020,000 Inhabitants of the Warsaw district Praga were massacred by pillaging Russian troops following the Battle of Praga.
01809-12-01December 1809 Whangaroa, New Zealand Boyd massacre 0,000,06666 Whangaroa Maori killed and ate 66 crew and passengers on ship The Boyd.[59]
01819-08-16August 16, 1819 Manchester, England Peterloo Massacre 0,000,01111[59] Armed cavalry charged a peaceful pro-democracy meeting of 60,000 people.[59]
01821-04-01April 1821 Peloponnese, Greece Tripolitsa Massacre 0,035,00035,000[60] Up to 30,000 Turks were killed in Tripolitsa and the whole Jewish population was wiped out.[59]
01821-08-19August 19, 1821 Navarino, Peloponnese, Greece Navarino Massacre 0,003,0003,000[61] The whole Turkish population of Navarino, which was around 3000, were killed by Greeks.[61]
01822-01-011822 Chios, Greece Chios massacre 0,020,000about 20,000 Tens of thousands of Greeks on the island of Chios were slaughtered by Ottoman troops in 1822.
01838-01-01January 1838 Waterloo Creek, Australia Waterloo Creek massacre[62] 0,000,100100–300 Aboriginal Australians killed by a force of colonial mounted police.[63]
01838-06-10June 10, 1838 Myall Creek, Australia Myall Creek massacre[62] 0,000,02828 A white posse killed Aboriginal Australians. The perpetrators were convicted and sentenced to death.[64]
01838-10-30October 30, 1838 Caldwell County, Missouri, United States Haun's Mill massacre[65] 0,000,01919 About 240 Livingston County Missouri Regulators militiamen and volunteers killed 18 Mormons and one non-Mormon friend.[66][67]
01840-01-011840 Gippsland, Australia Gippsland massacres[68] 0,000,450~450[69] A series of massacres spanning several years: 1840 – Nuntin, 1840 – Boney Point, 1841 – Butchers Creek – 30–35, 1841 – Maffra, 1842 – Skull Creek, 1842 – Bruthen Creek – "hundreds killed", 1843 – Warrigal Creek – between 60 and 180 shot, 1844 – Maffra, 1846 – South Gippsland – 14 killed, 1846 – Snowy River – 8 killed, 1846–47 – Central Gippsland – 50 or more shot, 1850 – East Gippsland – 15–20 killed, 1850 – Murrindal – 16 poisoned, 1850 – Brodribb River – 15–20 killed.[69] See also Angus McMillan.
01842-01-06January 6, 1842 Afghanistan Massacre of Elphinstone's Army 0,016,00016,000 Afghan tribes massacred Elphinstone's British army including some 12,000 civilians.[70][71][72]
01849-04-05April 5, 1849April 5–11, 1849 Italy Sack of Genoa 0,001,000~1,000 General Alfonso La Marmora's troops attacked the city of Genoa and massacred hundreds of civilians.[73][74][75][76][77]
01857-04-08April 8, 1857 Caborca, Sonora, Mexico Crabb Massacre 0,000,08484 Mexican rebels fight American rebels at Caborca, Sonora. Out of less than ninety Americans, about thirty were killed in battle and the rest were executed by the Mexicans.
01857-09-11September 11, 1857 Mountain Meadows, Utah, United States Mountain Meadows massacre 0,000,120120–140[78][79] Mormon militia, some dressed as Indians, and Paiute tribesmen killed and plundered unarmed members of the Baker-Fancher emigrant wagon train.[80]
01857-11-01November 1857 Utah Territory, United States Aiken massacre 0,000,0066[81] Six well-to-do Californians travelling through the territory during the so-called Mormon War, were arrested by Mormons as spies, released, then killed and robbed.[82]
01863-01-18January 18, 1863 Madison County, North Carolina, United States Shelton Laurel Massacre 0,000,01313 Thirteen boys and men, accused of being Union sympathizers and spies, were summarily executed by members of the 64th North Carolina Regiment of the Confederate Army.[83]
01863-01-29January 29, 1863 Washington Territory near present day Preston, Idaho United States Bear River massacre 0,000,225~225[84] 3rd Regiment California Volunteer Infantry destroyed a village of Shoshone in southeastern Idaho.[85]
01863-08-21August 21, 1863 Lawrence, Kansas, United States Lawrence Massacre 0,000,150~150[86][87] Pro-Confederate bushwhackers attacked the town of Lawrence, Kansas during the American Civil War in retaliation for the Union attack on Osceola, Missouri.[88][89]
01864-11-29November 29, 1864 Kiowa County, Colorado, United States Sand Creek massacre 0,000,200~200[90] Colorado Territory 90-day militia destroyed a peaceful village of Cheyenne and Arapaho on the eastern plains.[91][92]
01868-11-27November 27, 1868 Indian Territory, United States Washita Massacre
(Battle of Washita River)
0,000,02929–150 Lt. Col. G.A.Custer's 7th cavalry attacked a village of sleeping Cheyenne led by Black Kettle. Custer reported 103 – later revised to 140 – warriors, "some" women and "few" children killed, and 53 women and children taken hostage. Other casualty estimates by cavalry members, scouts and Indians vary widely, with the number of men killed ranging as low as 11 and the numbers of women and children ranging as high as 75. Before returning to their base, the cavalry killed several hundred Indian ponies and burned the village.[93][94][95][96][97][98][99][100][101][102][103]
01876-04-30April 30, 1876 Batak Ottoman Empire Batak massacre[104][105][106] 0,003,0003,000–5,000 Ottoman army irregulars killed Bulgarian civilians barricaded in Batak's church.[107]
01885-04-02April 2, 1885 Frog Lake, North-West Territories, Canada Frog Lake Massacre 0,000,0099 Cree warriors, dissatisfied with the lack of support from the Canadian Government for Treaty Indians, and exacerbated by food shortages resulting from the near-extinction of bison, killed nine white settlers, including Indian agent Thomas Quinn.[108][109]
01885-09-02September 2, 1885 Rock Springs, Wyoming, United States Rock Springs massacre 0,000,02828 Rioting white immigrant miners killed 28 Chinese miners, wounded 15, and 75 Chinese homes burned.[110][111][112]
01890-12-29December 29, 1890 Wounded Knee, South Dakota, United States Wounded Knee Massacre 0,000,200200–300[113] The U.S. 7th Cavalry intercepted a band of Lakota Sioux people on their way to the Pine Ridge Reservation for shelter from the winter; as they were disarming them, a gun was fired, and the soldiers turned their artillery on the Lakota, killing men women and children.[114][115]
01894-01-0118941894–1896 Anatolia, Ottoman Empire Hamidian massacres 0,100,000100,000–300,000[116]

Sultan Abdul Hamid II ordered Ottoman forces to kill Armenians across the empire.[116][117][118]

01897-09-10September 10, 1897 Pennsylvania, United States Lattimer massacre 0,000,01919 Unarmed striking miners were shot in the back: many were wounded and 19 were killed.
01900-01-18January 18, 1900 January 18, 1900 Guaymas, Mexico Mazocoba Massacre 0,000,400~400 Mexican Army troops attack Yaqui hostiles west of Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico.
01902-01-31January 31, 1902 Leliefontein, Northern Cape, South Africa Leliefontein massacre[119] 0,000,03535 During the Second Boer War, Boer forces under Manie Maritz massacred 35 Khoikhoi for being British sympathisers.
01906-03-10March 10, 1906 Bud Dajo, Jolo Island, Philippines Moro Crater massacre[120][121] 0,000,800800–1,000 A U.S. Army force of 540 soldiers under the command of Major General Leonard Wood, accompanied by a naval detachment and with a detachment of native constabulary, armed with artillery and small firearms, attacked a Muslim village hidden in the crater of a dormant volcano.[122]
01907-12-21December 21, 1907 Chile Santa María School massacre 0,002,2002,200–3,600[citation needed] Was a massacre of striking workers, mostly saltpeter (nitrate) miners, along with wives and children, committed by the Chilean Army in Iquique, Chile. It occurred during the peak of the nitrate mining era, which coincided with the Parliamentary Period in Chilean political history (1891–1925). With the massacre and an ensuing reign of terror, not only was the strike broken, but the workers' movement was thrown into limbo for over a decade.[citation needed]
01909-04-01April 1909April–May 1909 Adana Province, Anatolia, Ottoman Empire Adana massacre 0,015,00015,000–30,000 In April 1909, a religious-ethnic clash in the city of Adana, amidst governmental upheaval, resulted in a series of anti-Armenian pogroms throughout the district, resulting in an estimated 15,000 to 30,000 deaths.[123][124][125][126][127]
01914-04-20April 20, 1914 Ludlow, Colorado, United States Ludlow massacre 0,000,02020 Twenty people, 11 of them children, died during an attack by the Colorado National Guard on a tent colony of 1,200 striking coal miners and their families at Ludlow, Colorado. The event led to wider conflict quelled only by Federal troops sent in by U.S. President Woodrow Wilson.[128][129][130]
01919-04-13April 13, 1919 Amritsar, India Jallianwala Bagh massacre 0,000,379379–1526[131][broken citation][132][133] 90 British Indian Army soldiers, led by Brigadier Reginald Dyer, opened fire on an unarmed gathering of men, women and children. The firing lasted for 10 to 15 minutes, until they ran out of ammunition.[132][133]
01920-11-21November 21, 1920 Dublin, Ireland Croke Park Massacre 0,000,02323[134] British Auxiliary police and Black and Tans fired at Gaelic football spectators at Croke Park.[134][135]
01923-01-01January 1923 Rosewood, Florida, United States Rosewood Massacre 0,000,0088 Several days of violence by white mobs, ranging in size up to 400 people, resulted in the deaths of six blacks and two whites and the destruction of the town of Rosewood, which was abandoned after the incident.[136]
01929-02-14February 14, 1929 Chicago, Illinois, United States Saint Valentine's Day massacre 0,000,0077[137] Al Capone's gang shot rival gang members and their associates.[138]
01929-08-01August 1929 Hebron, British Mandate for Palestine 1929 Hebron massacre 0,000,06969[139] Arabs kill 69 Jews after being incited by religious leaders. Survivors were relocated to Jerusalem, "leaving Hebron barren of Jews for the first time in hundreds of years."[139]
01929-08-01August 1929 Safed, British Mandate for Palestine 1929 Safed massacre 0,000,01818[140] Arabs killed 18 Jews, wounded around 40, and some 200 houses were burned and looted.[141]
01930-04-23April 23, 1930 Peshawar, British Raj Qissa Khwani bazaar massacre 0,000,200200–250[142][143] Soldiers of the British Raj fired on unarmed non-violent protestors of the Khudai Khidmatgar with machine guns during the Indian independence movement[142][143]
01930-07-01July 1930 Van Province, Turkey Zilan massacre 0,004,5004,500[144] - 47,000[145] Turkish troops massacred Kurdish residents during the Ararat rebellion.
01933-08-01August 1933 Iraq Simele massacre 0,003,0003,000[146] Arabs and Kurds killed 3,000 Assyrian men women and children.[146] The massacre amongst other things included rape, cars running over children and bayoneting pregnant women and children.[146]
01937-03-21March 21, 1937 Ponce, Puerto Rico Ponce massacre 0,000,01919[147] The Insular Police fired on unarmed Nationalist demonstrators peacefully marching to commemorate the ending of slavery in Puerto Rico.[147] It was the biggest massacre in Puerto Rican history.[148]
01937-01-011937–1938 Tunceli Province, Turkey Dersim Massacre 0,013,16013,160[149]-70,000[150] Turkish troops massacred Alevi residents during the Dersim Rebellion.
01937-12-01December 1937December 1937 – January 1938 Nanjing, China Nanking Massacre[151][152] 0,260,000Up to 200,000[153] The Imperial Japanese Army pillaged and burned Nanking while, at the same time, murdering, enslaving, and torturing prisoners of war and civilians.[154]
01940-04-01April 1940April–May 1940 Katyn, Soviet Union Katyn massacre 0,022,00021,857–25,700[155][156][157] Soviet NKVD executed Polish intelligentsia, POWs and reserve officers.[158][159]
01941-06-01June 1941June–October 1941 Soviet Union, Baltic states NKVD prisoner massacres 0,09,0009,000–100,000[160] The Soviet People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs (Narodnyy Komissariat Vnutrennikh Del, or NKVD) executed thousands of political prisoners in the initial stages of Operation Barbarossa.[160][161]
01941-09-29September 29, 1941 Ukraine Babi Yar massacre 0,030,00130,000[162] Nazi Einsatzgruppen killed the Jewish population of Kiev.[162][163][164][165][166]
01941-10-20October 20, 1941October 20–21, 1941 Serbia Kragujevac massacre 0,002,7962,796-5,000 Nazi soldiers massacred Serb and Roma hostages in retaliation for attacks on the occupying forces.
01941-10-22October 22, 1941October 22–24, 1941 Odessa, Soviet Union Odessa Massacre 0,025,00025,000–34,000 Romanian and German troops, supported by local authorities, massacred Jews in Odessa and the surrounding towns in Transnistria after a bomb detonated in the Romanian HQ.[167]
01941-11-25November 25, 1941November 25 and 29, 1941 Kaunas, Lithuania Ninth Fort massacres of November 1941 0,025,0004,934 The first systematic mass killings of German Jews during the Holocaust
01942-02-01February 1942 Laha Airfield, Ambon Island Laha massacre 0,000,300~300[168] The Japanese killed surrendered Australian soldiers.[168][169]
01942-03-26March 26, 1942 Lari near Nairobi, Kenya Lari Massacre 0,000,150~150 About 150 Kikuyu were killed by fellow tribesmen.[170][171]
01942-06-10June 10, 1942 Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia Lidice massacre 0,000,340340[172] Nazis killed 192 men, and sent the women and children to Nazi concentration camps where many died.[172][173][174]
01943-01-011943 Volhynia, Ukraine Massacres of Poles in Volhynia 0,050,00150,000-100,000 The murders of Polish citizens of the Wołyń Voivodeship, orchestrated and conducted in most part by the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) supported by the civil Ukrainian peasants in years 1943-1947. The peak of the massacres took place in July and August 1943 when a senior UPA commander, Dmytro Klyachkivsky, ordered the extermination of the entire Polish population between 16 and 60 years of age.[175][176][177]
01943-09-21September 21, 1943 Kefalonia, Greece Massacre of the Acqui Division 0,005,0005,000 Wehrmacht troops executed POWs from the Italian 33 Infantry Division Acqui
01943-12-13December 13, 1943 Kalavryta, Greece Massacre of Kalavryta 0,000,511511-1200 The extermination of the male population and the subsequent total destruction of the town of Kalavryta, in Greece, by German occupying forces during World War II on 13 December 1943. It is the most serious case of war crimes committed during the Axis occupation of Greece during World War II.
01944-01-27January 27, 1944 Chechnya, Soviet Union Khaibakh massacre 0,000,700700 The Khaibakh massacre refers to a report of mass execution of the ethnically Chechen population of the aul of Khaibakh, in the mountainous part of Chechnya, by Soviet forces under a NKVD colonel Mikhail Gveshiani.
01944-04-01April 1, 1944 Ascq, France Ascq massacre 0,000,08686 The Waffen-SS killed 86 men after a bomb attack in the gare d'Ascq.
01944-06-10June 10, 1944 Oradour-sur-Glane, France Oradour-sur-Glane massacre 0,000,642642[178] The Waffen-SS killed 642 men, women and children without giving any specific reasons for their actions.[178][179][180][181][182][183]
01944-06-10June 10, 1944 Distomo, Greece Distomo massacre 0,000,218218 Nazi war crime perpetrated by members of the Waffen-SS in the village of Distomo, Greece, during the Axis occupation of Greece during World War II.
01944-08-08August 8, 1944 Warsaw, Poland Wola massacre 0,040,00040,000–100,000 Special groups of SS and German soldiers of the Wehrmacht went from house to house in Warsaw district Wola, rounding-up and shooting all inhabitants.
01944-08-12August 12, 1944 Sant'Anna di Stazzema, Italy Sant'Anna di Stazzema massacre 0,000,560560 Retreating SS-men of the II Battallion of SS-Panzergrenadier-Regiment 35 of 16th SS Panzergrenadier Division Reichsführer-SS, rounded up 560 villagers and refugees — mostly women, children and older men — shot them and then burned their bodies.
01944-08-01August 1944 Warsaw, Poland Ochota massacre 0,010,00010,000 Mass murders of citizens of Warsaw district Ochota in August 1944, committed by Waffen-SS.
01944-10-01October 1944 Italy Marzabotto massacre 0,000,700700–1,800[184] The SS killed Italian civilians in reprisal for support given to the resistance movement.[184][185]
01944-12-01December 1944 Malmedy, Belgium Malmedy massacre 0,000,08888 Nazi Waffen SS soldiers shot American POWs (43 escaped).[186][187]
01945-01-01January 1945 Chenogne, Belgium Chenogne massacre 0,000,06060 German prisoners of war were shot by American soldiers in an unauthorized retaliation for the Malmedy Massacre.
01945-04-10April 10, 1945 Celle, Germany Celler Hasenjagd 0,000,300300 The Celler Hasenjagd ("hare chase of Celle") was a massacre of concentration camp inmates that took place in Celle at the end of the Second World War.
01945-05-01May 1945 Sétif, Algeria Sétif massacre 0,006,0006,000 Muslim villages were bombed by French aircraft and the cruiser Duguay-Trouin standing off the coast, in the Gulf of Bougie, shelled Kerrata. Pied noir vigilantes lynched prisoners taken from local gaols or randomly shot Muslims[188][189][190]
01945-07-31July 31, 1945 Ústí nad Labem, today Czech republic Ústí massacre 0,006,00080-2700 The Ústí massacre (Czech: Ústecký masakr, German: Massaker von Aussig) was a lynching of ethnic Germans in Ústí nad Labem (German: Aussig an der Elbe), a largely ethnic German city in northern Bohemia ("Sudetenland") shortly after the end of the World War II, on July 31, 1945.


01947-02-28February 28, 1947 Taiwan 228 Incident 0,001,60018,000~28,000 It was an anti-government uprising in Taiwan, and was violently suppressed by the Kuomintang government.
01947-12-30December 30, 1947 Haifa, Palestine Mandate Haifa Oil Refinery massacre 0,001,6006 Irgun Zionist militants hurl grenades at a group of 100 Palestinian workers outside the main gate of the then British-owned Haifa Oil Refinery. Six Palestinians were killed and 42 were wounded.
01947-12-31December 31, 1947 Haifa, Palestine Mandate Balad al-Shaykh massacre 0,001,60017-71 Haganah attacks residents of Palestinian Balad al-Shaykh village while residents were asleep.
01948-04-03April 3, 1948 Jeju island, South Korea Jeju massacre 0,025,00025,000[194]-60,000[195] Communist sympathizer civilians were killed by South Korean troops. The victims were 25,000 to 60,000.[195]
01948-04-09April 9, 1948 Deir Yassin, Palestine Mandate Deir Yassin Massacre 0,000,107107 The Deir Yassin massacre took place when the Irgun and Lehi Zionist paramilitary groups attacked the Palestinian village of Deir Yassin near Jerusalem, population of 750. Palestinian fatalities estimate 107.[196]
01948-04-13April 13, 1948 Mount Scopus, Palestine Mandate Hadassah medical convoy massacre 0,000,07979 Convoy, escorted by Haganah militia, bringing medical and fortification supplies and personnel to Hadassah Hospital on Mount Scopus was ambushed by Arab forces. 78 Jews, mainly doctors and nurses, were killed in the ambush.[197]
01948-05-13May 13, 1948 Kfar Etzion, Palestine Mandate Kfar Etzion massacre 0,000,0157157 Arab armed forces attacked a Jewish kibbutz the day before the Declaration of Independence of the state of Israel[198][199]
01948-10-31October 31, 1948October 31 – November 1, 1948 Hula, Lebanon Hula Massacre 0,000,03535 The Hula massacre took place October 31 – November 1, 1948. Hula is a Lebanese Shi'a Muslim village near the Lebanese Litani River. It was captured by the Carmeli Brigade of the Israel Defense Forces without any resistance. 35–58 captured men were reportedly shot down in a house which was later blown up on top of them. Two officers were responsible for the massacre; one served a one year prison sentence and later received presidential amnesty. Shmuel Lahis was later to become Director General of the Jewish Agency.[200][201]
01948-12-12December 12, 1948 Batang Kali, Malaya Batang Kali massacre 0,000,02424 Villagers were purportedly shot by British troops before the village was burnt.[202][203][204]
01949-12-24December 24, 1949 Mungyeong, South Korea Mungyeong massacre 0,000,08686-88[205][206] Communist sympathizer civilians were killed by South Korean troops.
01950-06-28June 28, 1950 South Korea Bodo League massacre 0,100,000100,000[207]-200,000[208] During the Korean War, communist sympathizer civilians or prisoners were killed by South Korean troops. The number of victims was likely between 100,000 and 200,000.[207][208]
01950-06-28June 28, 1950 Seoul, South Korea Seoul National University Hospital Massacre 0,000,900900[209] During the Korean War, medical personnels, inpatients and wounded soldiers were killed by North Korean troops. The victims were 900[209]
01950-07-26July 26, 1950July 26–29, 1950 No Gun Ri, South Korea No Gun Ri Massacre 0,000,100100-400[210] During the Korean War, South Korean refugees fleeing a North Korean advance tried to cross U.S. lines. Between July 26–29, 1950, U.S. soldiers fearing North Korean infiltrators among such groups killed an undetermined number of refugees at No Gun Ri. In 2005, a South Korean government committee certified the names of 150 dead, 13 missing and 55 wounded, some of whom died of wounds, and said reports on many more victims were not filed.[211]
01950-08-14August 14, 1950 Waegwan, South Korea Hill 303 massacre 0,000,04141[212] During the Korean War, American POW were massacred by North Korean Army on August 14, 1950.[212]
01950-10-01October 1950October 1950 – early 1951 Namyangju, North Korea Namyangju Massacre 0,000,460460[213] During the Korean War, South Korean citizens were massacred by South Korean Police between October 1950[214] to early 1951.[215]
01950-10-09October 9, 1950October 9–31, 1950 Goyang, South Korea Goyang Geumjeong Cave Massacre 0,000,153153[216] During the Korean War, South Korean citizens were massacred by South Korean Police between October 9 to October 31, 1950.[216]
01950-10-17October 17, 1950October 17 – December 7, 1950 Sinchon, North Korea Sinchon Massacre 0,030,00030,000[213] During the Korean War, North Korean citizens were massacred by United States forces between October 17 to December 7, 1950.[213]
01951-01-06January 6, 1951January 6–9, 1951 Ganghwa, South Korea Ganghwa massacre 0,000,212212[217]-1,300[218] During the Korean War, Communist collabolator civilians were massacred by South Korean forces, South Korean Police forces and pro-South Korea forces Militia.
01951-02-07February 7, 1951 Sancheong and Hamyang, South Korea Sancheong and Hamyang massacre 0,000,705705[219] During the Korean War, Communist sympathizer civilians were massacred by South Korean Army on February 7, 1951.[219]
01951-02-09February 9, 1951February 9–11, 1951 Geochang, South Korea Geochang massacre 0,000,719719[220] During the Korean War, Communist sympathizer civilians were massacred by South Korean Army between February 9 and February 11, 1951.[220]
01960-03-21March 21, 1960 Sharpeville, South Africa Sharpeville massacre 0,000,07272–90[221] South African police shot down black protesters.[222]
01960-06-19June 19, 1960 Mueda, Mozambique (Former portuguese colony Mueda massacre of 1960 0,000,200200–325 Portuguese On 16 June 1960, Makonde nationalists organized a demonstration in front of the Mueda District headquarters on the Mueda town square demanding independence from Portugal, apparently the district administrator had invited them to present their grievances. The administrator ordered the leaders arrested, and the crowd protested. The Portuguese administrator ordered his pre-assembled troops to fire on the crowd, and then many more were thrown to their death into a ravine. The number of dead is in dispute.[8] However, resentment generated by these events led ultimately to independentist guerrilla FRELIMO gaining needed momentum in the outset of the Mozambican War of Independence (1964–1975).[6][7] The site of the massacre is marked by a commemorative statue.
01961-10-17October 17, 1961 Paris, France Paris massacre of 1961 0,000,200200–325 French police, commanded by Maurice Papon, crushed a pacific demonstration of Algerians independentists.
01962-06-02June 2, 1962 Novocherkassk, Soviet Union Novocherkassk massacre 0,000,02323–70[223][224] The MVD open fire on a crowd of protesters demonstrating against inflation.[225]
01964-01-18January 18, 1964January 18–21, 1964 Zanzibar Massacres during the Zanzibar Revolution 0,008,0008,000–17,000[226][227] Following the overthrow of the Sultan, thousands of Arabs and Indians were massacred by John Okello's forces.[228][229][230]
01966-02-12February 12, 1966 February 12 – March 17, 1966 Tay Vinh massacre village in Tay Son District of Binh Dinh Province, South Vietnam Tay Vinh massacre 0,001,2001,200[231] South Korean soldiers killed 1,200 South Vietnamese villagers.[231]
01966-02-26February 26, 1966 Go Dai hamlet, Binh An village in Tay Son District of Binh Dinh Province, South Vietnam Go Dai massacre 0,000,380380[231] South Korean soldiers killed 380 unarmed South Vietnamese villagers.[231]
01966-08-01August 1, 1966 Austin, Texas, United States University of Texas massacre 0,000,1616 University of Texas was the site of a massacre by Charles Whitman, who killed his mother and wife at their homes before killing 14 and wounding 32 others at the University atop the university tower before the police killed him.
01966-10-09October 9, 1966 Binh Tai village in Phuoc Binh of Song Be Province, South Vietnam Binh Tai massacre 0,000,06868[232] South Korean soldiers killed 68 South Vietnamese villagers.[232]
01966-10-09October 9, 1966 October 9–10, 1966 Tinh Son village, Quang Ngai province, South Vietnam Dien Nien-Phuoc Binh massacre 0,000,280280[233] South Korean soldiers killed 280 South Vietnamese villagers.[233]
01966-12-03December 3, 1966December 3–6, 1966 Binh Hoa village in Quang Ngai province, South Vietnam Binh Hoa massacre 0,000,422422-430[234][235] South Korean soldiers killed South Vietnamese villagers.[234]
01968-01-31January 31, 1968 January 31 – February 28, 1968 Hue, South Vietnam Hue massacre 0,002,8002,800–6,000[236] During the Vietnam War, unarmed South Vietnamese civilians, mostly women and children, were massacred by Vietnam People's Army and Vietcong.
01968-02-12February 12, 1968 Phong Nhi and Phong Nhat hamlets, Dien Ban District of Quang Nam Province, South Vietnam Phong Nhi and Phong Nhat massacre 0,000,07979[237] South Korean soldiers killed unarmed South Vietnamese villagers, mostly women and children.
01968-02-25February 25, 1968 Ha My village, Quang Nam Province, South Vietnam Ha My massacre 0,000,135135[238] South Korean soldiers killed unarmed South Vietnamese villagers, mostly women and children.
01968-03-16March 16, 1968 Mỹ Lai and Mỹ Khê hamlets, Sơn Mỹ, Quảng Ngãi, South Vietnam My Lai Massacre 0,000,504504[239] U.S. soldiers murdered, tortured and assaulted 347–504 unarmed South Vietnamese villagers–suspected of aiding Vietcong–ranging in ages from 1 to 81 years, mostly women and children.[239][240]
01968-10-02October 2, 1968 Mexico City, Mexico Tlatelolco massacre 0,000,02525–250[241][242] Government troops massacred between 25 (officially) and 250 (according to human rights activists, CIA documents[243] and independent investigations) students 10 days before the 1968 Summer Olympics taking place in Mexico City, and then tried to wash the blood away, along with evidence of the massacre.[242][244]
01970-05-04May 4, 1970 Kent State University, Ohio, United States Kent State massacre 0,000,0044[245] 29 members of the Ohio National Guard opened fire on unarmed students protesting the expansion of the Vietnam War into Cambodia on the Kent State University college campus, killing 4 and wounding 9, one of whom was permanently paralyzed.[245][246][247]
01971-06-10June 10, 1971 Mexico City, Mexico Corpus Christi massacre 0,000,120? (officially)-120 (according to independent investigations) Similar to the Tlatelolco Massacre, the Corpus Christi Massacre took place on Thursday, June 10, 1971 when a student march got brutally attacked by a shock group called Los Halcones.
01971-12-05December 5, 1971 Dakha, Bangladesh 3 million (according to independent investigations) Massacre by Pakistan of Bangladeshi people.
01972-01-30January 30, 1972 Derry, Northern Ireland Bogside Massacre
(Bloody Sunday)[248]
0,000,01414[249] British paratroopers fired on unarmed civil rights protesters, killing 14.[250] The government sponsored Saville Report, released in June 2010, found all those killed were innocent civil rights demonstrators, prompting an apology by UK Prime Minister David Cameron. As of that time, no one had been prosecuted for the killings.[251]
01972-05-30May 30, 1972 Lod, Israel Lod Airport massacre 0,000,02626[252] Three members of the Japanese Red Army, on behalf of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, killed 26 people and injured 80 others at Tel Aviv's Lod airport (now Ben Gurion International Airport).[252][253][254][255][256]
01972-09-05September 5, 1972 Munich, Germany Munich Massacre[257] 0,000,01212[258] Members of the Israeli Olympic team were taken hostage and killed by the Palestinian Black September group. A West German police officer was also killed.
01973-05-25May 25, 1973 Ezeiza, Argentina Ezeiza Massacre[259] 0,000,01313[259] Members of the right wing of the Peronist party shot and killed at least 13 after Peron's return to Argentina.
01974-05-15May 15, 1974 Ma'alot, Israel Ma'alot massacre[260][261] 0,000,02929[261] Members of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine infiltrate Israel from Lebanon, shoot and kill a Christian Arab woman and a Jewish couple and their 4-year-old son, and then take hostage and kill 22 high school students and three of their adult escorts.[261]
01974-08-14August 14, 1974 Maratha, Santalaris and Aloda, Cyprus Maratha, Santalaris and Aloda massacre[262][263][264] 0,000,126126[265] EOKA-B gunmen massacred the Turkish Cypriot inhabitants of the villages of Maratha, Santalaris and Aloda.[262][265]
01975-07-31July 31, 1975 Northern Ireland Miami Showband massacre 0,000,0055 Members of the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) killed three members of pop group the Miami Showband in a gun and bomb attack. Two UVF members also died when the bomb exploded prematurely.[266][267][268][269][270]
01976-01-05January 5, 1976 Northern Ireland Kingsmill massacre 0,000,01010[271] Irish republicans shot ten Protestant workers dead outside the village of Kingsmill in County Armagh, Northern Ireland.[271][272]
01976-01-18January 18, 1976 Lebanon Karantina massacre 0,001,5001,500 Lebanese Christian militias overrun the Karantina district in East Beirut and kill up to 1,500 people during the Lebanese Civil War.[273]
01976-01-20January 20, 1976 Lebanon Damour massacre 0,000,582582[274] Palestinian militia aligned with the Lebanese National Movement kill 582 Christian civilians in the village of Damour during the Lebanese Civil War.[274]
01976-08-12August 12, 1976 Lebanon Tel al-Zaatar massacre 0,001,5001,500 to 3000 Lebanese Christian militias enter the Tel al-Zaatar refugee camp and kill up to 3000 people during the Lebanese Civil War.[275][276]
01978-03-11March 11, 1978 Israel Coastal Road massacre 0,000,03535[277] Palestinian Fatah members based in Lebanon land on a beach north of Tel Aviv, kill an American photographer, and hijack an inter-city bus driving along Israel's Coastal Highway. 35 civilians are killed and 80 wounded.[277][278][279][280]
01978-11-18November 18, 1978 Guyana Jonestown People's Temple massacre 0,000,035918 [[A religious cult originally based in San Francisco flees to a jungle clearing in Guyana South America to avoid "persecution", and then stages a mass-murder-suicide event via drinking poison mixed into grape-flavored Kool-aid after killing American Congressional and news media visitors who arrive to inspect the area.
01980-06-27June 27, 1980 Palmyra, Syria Tadmor Prison massacre 0,001,000about 1,000 The massacre occurred the day after a failed attempt to assassinate Syrian president Hafez el-Assad. Members of the units of the Defence Brigades, under the command of Rifaat El Assad, brother of the president, entered in Tadmor Prison and assassinated about a thousand prisoners in the cells and the dormitories.
01981-12-11December 11, 1981 El Salvador El Mozote Massacre 0,001,0011,000 The El Mozote Massacre took place in the village of El Mozote, in Morazán department, El Salvador, on December 11, 1981, when Salvadoran armed forces trained by the United States military killed at least 1000 civilians in an anti-guerrilla campaign.[281]
01982-01-14January 14, 1982 Mexico Tula Massacre 0,000,01313 13 tortured bodies were found at Tula, Hidalgo, Mexico at the time of Arturo Durazo Moreno Administration
01982-02-02February 2, 1982 Syria Hama massacre 0,007,0007,000–35,000[282][dead link] The Syrian Army killed an estimated 30,000 people in the city of Hama. Instances of mass execution and torture by the Syrian military were documented during the attacks.[283]
01982-09-16September 16, 1982September 16–18, 1982 Lebanon Sabra and Shatila massacre 0,000,700700–3,500 Residents of Sabra and Shatila, mostly Palestinian refugees and Lebanese Shias, are killed by the Christian Lebanese Forces militia in refugee camps surrounded by Israel Defense Forces. The United Nations General Assembly condemned the massacre and declared it to be an act of genocide.[284][285][286]
01983-04-03April 3, 1983 Peru Lucanamarca massacre 0,000,06969 Maoist Shining Path guerrillas massacre 69 men, women and children with axes, machetes and guns in and around the town of Lucanamarca, Peru.[287]
01984-07-18July 18, 1984 San Diego, California, United States San Ysidro McDonald's Massacre 0,000,02121 Gunman James Oliver Huberty killed 21 people in a McDonald's restaurant before being fatally shot by a SWAT team sniper.[288][289][290]
01984-10-31October 31, 1984October 31–November 3, 1984 India 1984 Sikh Massacre 0,000,0212,700–20,000 Mobs composed primarily of Indian National Congress workers and local hoodlums chase down and lynch Sikhs in northern India following the assassination of India PM, Indira Gandhi, at the hands of her Sikh guards.
01985-03-23March 23, 1985 Iraq Dujail Massacre 0,000,129129[291]

(33 died in detention before trial)

Dujail was the site of an unsuccessful assassination attempt against then Iraqi president, Saddam Hussein by the Shiite Dawa Party, on July 8, 1982. Saddam Hussein ordered his special security and military forces to arrest all Dawa members and their families, imprisoning 787 men, women and children. In March 1985, 96 of the 148 who had confessed to having taken part in the assassination attempt were executed.[291][292][293][294]
01985-05-14May 14, 1985 Sri Lanka Anuradhapura massacre 0,000,047146[295] Tamil Tiger gunmen shoot dead 146 Sinhalese civilians including Buddhist nuns and monks and injure 85 others as they were praying at Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi, a sacred Buddhist shrine in Anuradhapura.[296]
01980-05-18May 18, 1980 South Korea Gwangju Democratization Movement 0,002,0002000 An escalated popular uprising in the city of Gwangju, South Korea during which some of the civilian protesters armed themselves by raiding police stations and military depots led to the South Korean army violently ending the protests, causing hundreds of deaths.
01985-08-14August 14, 1985 Peru Accomarca massacre 0,000,04747–74[297][298][299] An army massacre of campesinos (including six children) in Accomarca, Ayacucho.[298]
01987-06-02June 2, 1987 Sri Lanka Aranthalawa Massacre 0,000,04732 Tamil Tigers stop a bus carrying Buddhist monks in Arantalawa and massacre all except of one monk. Killed in the massacre are Chief Priest Ven. Hegoda Indrasara and several novice monks (under the age of 18)[300]
01987-08-09August 9, 1987 Clifton Hill, Victoria, Australia Hoddle Street massacre 0,000,077[301] The Hoddle Street massacre of 9 August 1987 was a killing spree which claimed the lives of 7 people and wounded 19 others at Hoddle Street in Clifton Hill in north-eastern Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.[302]
01987-08-19August 19, 1987 Hungerford, England Hungerford massacre 0,000,01616[303] A gunman armed with semi-automatic rifles and a handgun killed 16 people before committing suicide.[304]
01987-11-08November 8, 1987 Enniskillen, Northern Ireland Remembrance Day bombing

(Poppy Day Massacre)

0,000,01212 Provisional IRA bombing at the town's cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday.[305]
01987-12-08December 8, 1987 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Queen Street massacre 0,000,088[301] The Queen Street massacre of 8 December 1987 was a killing spree which claimed the lives of 8 people and wounded 5 others in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.[302]
01988-03-16March 16, 1988 Belfast, Northern Ireland Milltown massacre 0,000,0033 Ulster Defence Association (UDA) member Michael Stone kills three people and injures 60 others in a gun and grenade attack at the funeral of three IRA members being held in Milltown Cemetery, Belfast.[306][307]
01989-06-04June 4, 1989 Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China Tiananmen Square Massacre 0,000,400400–3,000[308] The mourning of Hu Yaobang eventually evolved into a large-scale anti-corruption and democratic demonstration, which was ended in a violent suppression by state-controlled army. The actual number of deaths is still unknown.[309][310]
01989-12-06December 6, 1989 École Polytechnique, Montréal, Quebec, Canada École Polytechnique massacre[311] 0,000,01414 Marc Lépine, claiming to fight feminism, shot and killed 14 female students of the École Polytechnique de Montréal and wounded 14 other people before turning his gun on himself. The event led to stricter gun control laws[312] and changes in police tactical response to shootings in Canada.[313]
01990-09-05September 5, 1990 Batticaloa District, Sri Lanka Eastern University massacre, 0,000,158158[314] Eastern University massacre is the massacre of 158 minority Sri Lankan Tamil civilians by the Sri Lankan Army in the eastern Batticaloa District, Sri Lanka.[315][314][316]
01990-09-09September 9, 1990 Batticaloa District, Sri Lanka Sathurukondan massacre 0,000,184184[317][318] Sathurukondan massacre, also known as the 1990 Batticaloa massacre is the massacre of 184 minority Sri Lankan Tamil civilians by the Sri Lankan Army in the eastern Batticaloa District, Sri Lanka.[317][318][319][320][321]
01990-11-13November 13, 1990 Aramoana, New Zealand Aramoana massacre 0,000,01313 Lone gunman David Malcolm Gray began shooting indiscriminately at people, killing 13 people before being killed by police himself, allegedly after a dispute with his next door neighbor. It remains New Zealands deadliest criminal shooting.[322][323][324][325]
01991-10-16October 16, 1991 Killeen, Texas, United States Luby's massacre 0,000,02222 George Jo Hennard drove his pickup truck into a Luby's Cafeteria and shot and killed 22 people, wounded another 20 and then committed suicide by shooting himself.[326][327][328][329][330]
01991-11-03November 3, 1991 Lima, Peru Barrios Altos massacre 0,000,02222 Fifteen people were killed and four injured when Grupo Colina, the anticommunist paramilitary squad, opened fire on a neighborhood barbecue which they had mistaken for a gathering of Maoist Shining Path rebels.[331]
01991-11-18November 18, 1991November 18–21, 1991 Croatia Vukovar massacre 0,000,264264 Members of the Serb militias, aided by the Yugoslav People's Army, killed Croat civilians and POWs.[332][333][334][335]
01992-02-26February 26, 1992 Khojaly, Nagorno-Karabakh, Azerbaijan Khojaly Massacre 0,000,613613[336] Armenian armed forces, reportedly with help of the Russian 366th Motor Rifle Regiment, raided the town of Khojaly and massacred its Muslim civilian population. The death toll according to the Government of Azerbaijan was 613 civilians, of whom 106 were women and 83 were children.[337][338][339]
01992-03-10March 10, 1992 Huntington, Minnesota, USA Huntington Massacre 0,000,01010 Kevin Lockhart shot and killed 10 and injured 15 in a school shooting which took place at the Reynolds-Wirth High School in Huntington, Minnesota and was believed to have been caught on tape by the school news team. Lockhart shot and killed himself after shooting two boys in the school's Audio and Visual Club. Police didn't allow parents to see their children until after discovering that the gunman had been killed by a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Police reports say that the death toll took six days to confirm because of the gruesome scene.
01992-06-17June 17, 1992 Boipatong, South Africa Boipatong massacre 0,000,04545[340] 45 African National Congress (ANC) supporters were killed by members of the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP).
01992-07-18July 18, 1992 Lima, Peru La Cantuta massacre 0,000,04545[341] 9 students and a professor on La Cantuta University were kidnapped and killed by Grupo Colina, an anticommunist paramilitary group.
01992-09-07September 7, 1992 Bisho, Ciskei/South Africa Bisho massacre 0,000,02929 28 African National Congress (ANC) supporters and one soldier were shot dead by the Ciskei Defence Force during a protest march.
01992-10-02October 2, 1992 São Paulo, Brazil Carandiru massacre 0,000,111111 The massacre was triggered by a prisoner revolt within the prison. The police made little if any effort to negotiate with the prisoners before the military police stormed the building, as the prison riot became more difficult for prison guards to control. The resulting casualties were of 111 prisoners killed.
01993-01-08January 8, 1993 Palatine, Illinois, United States Brown's Chicken massacre 0,000,0077 Seven people were murdered at the Brown's Chicken and Pasta in Palatine[342]
1992-1993 Autonomous republic of Abkhazia, Georgia Ethnic cleansing of Georgians 0,000,11117,000-22,000 The ethnic cleansing of Georgians in Abkhazia',[343][344][345][346]

[347][348][349][350][351][352][353][354] also known as the "massacres of Georgians in Abkhazia"[355][356] and "genocide of Georgians in Abkhazia"[357] — refers to ethnic cleansing,[358] massacres[359] and forced mass expulsion of thousands of ethnic Georgians.

01993-04-19April 19, 1993 Waco, Texas, United States Waco massacre 0,000,08282 Seventy-six members of the Branch Davidian church died after a 51 day siege in a fire started either accidentally or by church members after a Federal Bureau of Investigation tank attack upon the main building. Earlier, on on February 28, 1993, six others died by gunfire after the original Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms raid.[360]
01993-06-01June 1993June – July 1993 Brazil Yanomami Massacre 0,000,01616–73[361][362] Garimpeiros (illegal gold miners) killed Yanomami people.
01993-07-02July 2, 1993 Sivas, Turkey Sivas massacre 0,000,03333 33 Alevi intellectuals were killed when a mob of radical Islamists set fire to the hotel where the group had assembled.[363][364][365]
01993-07-25July 25, 1993 Cape Town, South Africa St James Church massacre 0,000,01111 11 People were killed during a church service by Azanian People's Liberation Army (APLA) armed with assault rifles and grenades.
01993-10-30October 30, 1993 Greysteel, Northern Ireland Greysteel massacre 0,000,0088 Ulster Defence Association (UDA) opened fire in a crowded bar using an AK-47 and automatic pistol. Eight civilians were killed and thirteen wounded.[366][367][368][369][370][371][372][373]
01994-02-25February 25, 1994 West Bank Cave of the Patriarchs massacre[374][375]

(Ibrahimi Mosque massacre)[376]

0,000,02929 Baruch Goldstein opens fire with an assault rifle killing 29 Palestinian Muslims and wounding 150 at prayer in the Ibrahimi Mosque before being subdued and beaten to death.[377][378]
01994-01-011994 et seq. Algeria Algerian Village Massacres of the 1990s 0,010,00110,000[379][380] During the 1990s, many large-scale massacres of villagers in Algeria were perpetrated by groups attacking villages at night and cutting the throats of the inhabitants. The Armed Islamic Group (GIA) has avowed its responsibility for many of them. The massacres peaked in 1997 (with a smaller peak in 1994). According to a few reports former Algerian army officer, Habib Souaidia testified to his government's involvement in the massacres. The differing accounts are not yet reconciled.[379][381][382][383] The academic consensus is that at least the majority of the massacres were carried out by Islamist radicals, however, the government notably failed to intervene in a number of these massacres.[384]
01994-03-28March 28, 1994 Johannesburg, South Africa Shell House massacre 0,000,01919 Security guards of the African National Congress (ANC) fired on 20,000 Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) marchers.[385][386][387]
01994-06-18June 18, 1994 Loughinisland, Northern Ireland Loughinisland massacre 0,000,0066 Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) opened fire in a crowded bar using assault rifles, killing six civilians and wounding five.[388][389][390][391][392][393][394]
01995-01-22January 22, 1995 Israel Beit Lid massacre 0,000,02222[395] First suicide attack by Palestinian Islamic Jihad, killing 22 and wounding 69. Carried out by two bombers; the second waited until emergency crews arrived to assist the wounded and dying before detonating his bomb.[396][397][398][399]
01995-01-22January 22, 1995 Israel Beit Lid massacre 0,000,02222[395] First suicide attack by Palestinian Islamic Jihad, killing 22 and wounding 69. Carried out by two bombers; the second waited until emergency crews arrived to assist the wounded and dying before detonating his bomb.[396][397][398][399]
01995-04-19April 19, 1995 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States Oklahoma City bombing 0,000,168 167[400] The Oklahoma City bombing was a terrorist bomb attack on the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995. It would remain the most destructive act of terrorism on American soil until the September 11, 2001 attacks. The Oklahoma blast claimed 167 lives, including 19 children under the age of 6,[400] and injured more than 680 people.[400]
01996-03-13March 13, 1996 Scotland Dunblane massacre 0,000,01717[401] A gunman opened fire in a primary school, killing sixteen children and one teacher before killing himself.[402][403][404]
01996-04-29April 29, 1996 Port Arthur, Tasmania, Australia Port Arthur massacre 0,000,03535[301] The Port Arthur massacre of 28 April 1996 was a killing spree which claimed the lives of 35 people and wounded 21 others mainly at the historic tourist site Port Arthur in south-eastern Tasmania, Australia. The massacre remains Australia's deadliest mass killing spree and remains one of the deadliest such incidents worldwide in recent times.[302]
01996-04-18April 18, 1996 Lebanon Qana Massacre[405][406] 0,000,106106 Israeli artillery struck the Unifil Headquarters in Qana which was providing shelter to approximately two hundred Lebanese civilians. The Israeli military said the strike was in error and that they were not targeting the UN shelter. Amnesty International concluded, "the IDF intentionally attacked the UN compound, although the motives for doing so remain unclear[407][408][409][410][411][412]
01997-02-05February 5, 1997 Ghulja, China Ghulja Massacre 0,000,0099 After two days of protests during which the protesters had marched shouting "God is great" and "independence for Xinjiang" the demonstrations were crushed by the People's Liberation Army. Official reports put the death toll at 9 while dissident reports estimated the number killed at more than 100.[413][414][415][416][417][418]
01997-03-26March 26, 1997 San Diego, California Heaven's Gate (Hale-Bop Comet) Murder-suicide 0,000,00939 A UFO religious cult called "Heaven's Gate" becomes convinced that an alien spaceship is following the Hale-Bop Comet as it passes close to Earth, and the spaceship is here to pick up ("rescue") the souls of the cult if they die while the comet and spaceship are close enough for their souls to make the difficult spiritual journey to the ship. Some members volunteer to be "humanely" murdered while others commit suicide.
01997-11-17November 17, 1997 Luxor, Egypt Luxor massacre 0,000,06464 Massacre carried out by Egyptian Islamist militants, in which 64 people (including 59 visiting tourists) were killed using automatic weapons and machetes.[419][420][421]
01997-12-22December 22, 1997 Acteal, Mexico Acteal Massacre 0,000,04545 Massacre carried out by paramilitary forces of 45 people attending a prayer meeting of indigenous townspeople, who were members of the pacifist group Las Abejas ("The Bees"), in the village of Acteal, municipality of Chenalhó, in the Mexican state of Chiapas.[422][423][424]
01998-08-15August 15, 1998 Omagh, Northern Ireland Omagh massacre 0,000,02929 The Omagh bombing was a car bomb attack carried out by the Real Irish Republican Army, a splinter group of former Provisional Irish Republican Army members opposed to the Good Friday Agreement. Twenty-nine people died and approximately 220 people were injured.The attack was described by the BBC as "Northern Ireland's worst single terrorist atrocity".[425][426][427][428][429][430][431]
01999-04-20April 20, 1999 Littleton, Colorado, United States Columbine High School massacre 0,000,01515[432] Two teenagers, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold open fire on their classmates on April 20, 1999 at Columbine High School, killing 12 students and one teacher before committing suicide.
02000-07-27July 27, 2000 West Bengal, India Nanoor massacre 0,000,01111 Killing of 11 landless labourers allegedly by activists of Communist Party of India (Marxist), a political party in India, in Suchpur, near Nanoor and under Nanoor police station, in Birbhum district in the Indian state of West Bengal.[433][434][435]
02002-01-17January 17, 2002 Hadera, Israel Bat Mitzvah massacre 0,000,0066 An attack carried out in January 2002 by al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades in which a Palestinian gunman hurling grenades killed six and wounded 33 in a Bat Mitzvah celebration, a traditional Jewish celebration held for a 12-year-old girl.[436][437]
02002-03-27March 27, 2002 Netanya, Israel Passover massacre 0,000,03030[438] Killing of 30 guests at the Park Hotel in Netanya, Israel, sitting down to the traditional Passover Seder meal. Another 143 were injured. Hamas claimed responsibility.[438][439][440][441][442]
02002-02-28February 28, 2002 Ahmedabad, India Gulbarg Society massacre 0,000,06969 During the 2002 Gujarat riots, a mob attacked the Gulbarg Society, a lower middle-class Muslim neighbourhood in Chamanpura, Ahmedabad. Most of the houses were burnt, and at least 35 victims including a former Congress, Member of Parliament, Ehsan Jafri, were burnt alive, while 31 others went missing after the incident, later presumed dead, bringing the total of the dead to 69.[443][444][445]
02004-09-01September 1, 2004 Beslan, Russian Federation Beslan School Massacre 0,000,334334 Armed Chechen separatists[446] took more than 1,200 people hostage at a school. 334 civilians were killed, including 186 school children, and hundreds wounded.[447][448][449]
02005-03-05March 5, 2005 near Rehoboth, Namibia Kareeboomvloer massacre 0,000,0088 Brothers Sylvester and Gavin Beukes murder the owners' couple of farm Kareeboomvloer and execute all witnesses, including two children.[450] The motive was revenge for a previous theft charge laid by the farm owner.[451]
02005-05-13May 13, 2005 Andijan, Uzbekistan Andijan massacre 0,003,000187–1,500 Uzbek Interior Ministry and National Security Service troops fired into a crowd of protesters.[452][453]
02006-03-25March 25, 2006 Seattle, Washington, United States Capitol Hill massacre 0,000,0066 28-year-old Kyle Aaron Huff entered a rave afterparty in the southeast part of Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood and opened fire, killing six and wounding two, before committing suicide.[454][citation needed]
02007-04-16April 16, 2007 Blacksburg, Virginia, United States Virginia Tech Massacre 0,000,03232 Gunman Seung-Hui Cho, killed 32 people and wounded many others[455] before committing suicide. The massacre is the deadliest peacetime shooting incident by a single gunman in United States history, on or off a school campus.[456]
02009-09-28September 28, 2009 Conakry, Guinea 28 September Massacre 0,000,157157 Guinean uniformed security forces opened fire on a political rally trapped in the 28 September Stadium.[457]
02009-11-05November 5, 2009 Ft. Hood, Texas, United States Fort Hood Massacre
(Fort Hood shooting)
0,000,01313 Gunman Malik Nadal Hasan, a Major in the U.S. Army, killed 12 soldiers and one civilian, and wounded at least 30 on the base at Ft. Hood. Initial reports indicate Hassan was upset at being deployed to Iraq.[458][459][460][461][462][463]
02009-11-23November 23, 2009 Ampatuan, Maguindanao, Philippines Maguindanao massacre 0,000,05757 A group of 100 armed men, alleged to include police and private militia led by Andal Ampatuan, Jr., stopped a convoy of five cars transporting Genalyn Tiamzon-Mangudadatu, the wife of Esmael Mangudadatu, who is running for provincial governor in the 2010 Philippine elections. She was en route to the town of Shariff Aguak to file a certificate of candidacy for her husband, accompanied by his sisters, other supporters, and members of the press. The attackers kidnapped and later killed all members of the Mangudadatu group; reports state that women in the group were raped before being killed. Five other people not part of the group, in a car behind the convoy, were also kidnapped and killed.[464][465][466][467][468]
02011-01-08January 8, 2011 Tucson, Arizona, United States 2011 Tucson supermarket massacre 0,000,0066 One man, Jared Lee Loughner, attacked a group of people outside a supermarket in Tucson, Arizona. His intent was to kill U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords only, but he ended up killing 6 and wounding 19 – though grievously wounded (and despite initial reports to the contrary), Giffords herself survived. Those killed in the incident included United States District Court for the District of Arizona Chief Judge John Roll and one of Gifford's staffers.[469]
02011-07-22July 22, 2011 Utøya, Buskerud, Norway 2011 Utøya massacre 0,000,06969 One man, Anders Behring Breivik, went to the island of Utøya on July 22, 2011, right after the devastating bomb in Oslo. Wearing a fake police uniform, he shot and killed 69 youths at the annual labour youth party, and injured several more. It is still unknown how long the massacre lasted. According to police logs, it took an hour from the first calls until the response team arrested him. The defenseless people had nowhere to run. Many tried to swim away from the island to shore, some made it, and some did not.[470]
02011-10-05October 5, 2011 Chiang Khong, Chiang Rai, Thailand Mekong River massacre 0,000,01313 Two Chinese cargo ships were attacked on a stretch of the Mekong River in the Golden Triangle area. All 13 crew members were killed and dumped in the river.[471] It is the deadliest assault on Chinese nationals abroad in modern times.[472]
02011-12-21December 21, 2011December 19–20, 2011 Idlib, Syria Idlib massacre 0,000,250250–270 Approximately 250–270 people, many of them army deserters, were reported slaughtered indiscriminately by the Syrian army in Idlib.[473]
02012-03-11March 11, 2012 Kandahar, Afghanistan Kandahar massacre 0,000,01616 16 Afghan civilians were killed by U.S. Army Soldier Robert Bales.[474] Some witnesses have indicated more than one person was involved.[475]
02012-05-25May 25, 2012 Houla, Syria Houla massacre 0,000,108108 Approximately 108 people were killed with knives in the Syrian town of Houla. Approximately 49 children, 34 women and another 25 men were among the victims.[476]
02012-07-20July 20, 2012 Aurora, Colorado, United States Colorado Movie Theater Massacre
(2012 Aurora shooting)
0,000,01212 Twelve people were killed and 58 others were injured when a gunman opened fire in a crowded movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, during the midnight premier of The Dark Knight Rises film. A 24 year old male, James Holmes, was arrested and charged with the killings.[477]
02012-12-14December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School, Newtown, Connecticut, United States Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting 0,000,01226 Twenty children and six adults were killed in a shooting attack at a primary school by gunman Adam Lanza in the US state of Connecticut. The gunman killed his mother Nancy Lanza leading up to the massacre at the primary school. The gunman killed himself before the police had arrived.[478]